Students’ work

photo0749 Photo0060
photo0746 photo0757
2-456217a0-514593-480 Charmaine Photo0049 Photo0063
Photo0019 Photo0011
Trees by Ruth
Photo0005 Photo0008 Barbara - Rodin
 IMAG0025  IMAG0033


bev 2 Bev 1 nikki 1 nikki 2
rosemary 1 rosemary 2 shelley
nic 1 nic 2 nic 3


IMAG0099 IMAG0101 (2)
IMAG0104 IMAG0105
IMAG0106 IMAG0113 IMAG0112 IMAG0122
IMAG0103 IMAG0134 IMAG0123
IMAG0135 IMAG0140 IMAG0141
IMAG0143 IMAG0142  Hawkwood 12 IMAG0102



Life Group 3 Life Group 2 Life Group 1
IMAG2005 IMAG2019 IMAG2014
IMAG2007 Life Group 5

IMAG1540 IMAG1532


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One thought on “Students’ work

  1. timhards

    I have been learning to draw and paint as a hobby over the last 3 years, with various tutors. I’ve been on a few of Michael’s courses over this time and can wholeheartedly recommend his teaching. The looser style of building up images with a strong focus on light and dark areas, was easy to get into, and helped me gain a better handling of portraying what I saw. I have been able to apply the techniques I’ve learnt in his classes to all the other types of painting and drawing that I’ve been learning on the other courses. It has provided a great foundation. I will be returning to learn more.

    I’ve been keeping a blog of my progress. All the work I’ve done on Michael’s courses can be seen in this category:


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