Artistic Approach


Michael Mulready – Art Mulready

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Artistic Approach

The approach in both my own painting and my teaching is how to see, how to look, by focussing on the Light within Art and its counterbalance in Shade and Colour. All three are flexible and have no boundaries:-

“Light and Shade should blend without lines or borders, in the manner of smoke”                                                                                                         Leonardo Da Vinci

This gives confidence to create something new; to move beyond copying or precise reproduction and release Art from unnecessary detail.

“Hodgkin does not set out to paint what the world looks like, but what it feels like”                                                                 Andrew Graham Dixon on Howard Hodgkin

Line has an altogether different, active contribution to make; as Kandinsky showed us among many others. To use it for outline/colouring interrupts the creative process

“We paint because we want to be free”  Marcel Duchamp



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